Shawn Tague | Senior Pastor

Pastor Shawn was born and raised in Lafayette IN, except for the few years in his early childhood when he along with his mother and three sisters, lived in Texas and Florida. He now resides in Lafayette with his beautiful wife of 26 years of marriage and a total of 29 years together. Together they have three beautiful children two daughters and the youngest a son.  And to the glory of God all of them are faithfully serving the Lord. He and his wife Cheri have been blessed with six awesome grandchildren with another one on the way. Pastor Shawn came to salvation in 1994 along with his wife, Cheri during a marriage counceling session with is then pastor, William Scott, of The Lafayette Nazerene Church, where they attended for 14 years. Although there had been many trials and tribulations, which the Lord tells us in His word will come to come to all who faithfully serve Him. Through Gods grace they have been able to get through them together. In 2008 the Lord led them to Harvest Chapel Lafayette. After attending Harvest Chapel Lafayette for four years, leading serveral bible studies, one being on marriage, Pastor Shawn began to fill Gods call on his life into full time ministry. So he and his wife along with his pastor Tom Camp and a few others, began seeking the Lord;s direction for his life and ministry. Over a period of about a year, He led us to Frankfort IN. Where we began a small bible study on Friday nights in a coffee shop with about 25 people. That quickly grew to around 40 people. They then began to have Sunday Service in the coffee shop. One year later God would provide a new building to worship in for the following five years. After outgrowing that building, through God's awesome providence, He led us to the beautiful church building we are now enjoying, Through this 8 year journey in Frankfort IN we hae seen God do amaxing things and are looking forward to seeing what He has in store for us in the years to come. To Him be the glory forever amen.